Annexure - VA

Application for Net Metering and Grid Connectivity of Grid Connected Rooftop & Small Solar Photovoltaic System for beneficiaries of Category-I

Applicant Details

The Executive Engineer / The Superintendant Engineer ___________ (Distribution Licensee Name) (Name / Address of office)
I / we herewith apply for a renewable energy net-metering connection at the existing service connection and for renewable energy plant of which details are given below
*Name of applicant :
*Address of applicant :
*District :
*Service Connection Number :
*Telephone/Mobile number(s) :
*Email ID :

Existing Connection Details

*Connection Type :
*Sanction Load (KW/HP/KVA) and Contract Demand (KVA) :
*Category :

Proposed System Details

*Type of proposed Renewable Energy system :
*Proposed Renewable Energy plant capacity at AC (KiloWatts) :
*Proposed Connectivity Voltage :
*Approximate suitable area(Sq. Mt) available for installation of proposed Renewable Energy plant :

Documents enclosed with this application

*Copy of latest electricity bill :


1. The filled-in application along with the necessary documents shallbe submitted to jurisdictional O&M Sub-division office, __________ Discom.

2. On-line application: Application can also be made online on the website

3. The registration fees of Rs 1000 shall be payable in Cash / DD / Online

4. The applicant is advised to select a system installer, who is empanelled under Madhya Pradesh Policy for Decentralized Renewable Energy Systems, 2016 to install the particular type of Renewable Energy System.

5. After installation of Renewable Energy system, office of Discom would inspect the Renewable Energy system upto 10 kW. For capacities above 10kW, Electrical Inspectorate,Government of Madhya Pradesh would be the inspecting and certifying authority. They shall certify whether the installation meets necessary safety standards.

6. On-grid inverters:Only MNRE / MPUVN approved manufacturers of grid-tied inverters shall be used. Reports of the tests conducted for IEC/IS standards and specifications of the selected model shall be submitted.

7. Bi-directional meteras per CEA guide lines shall be purchased from Discom / MPUVN approved vendors.The vendors list of bi-directional meters can be downloaded from Discom/MPUVN website.

General Terms and Conditions:

1. The premise must have easy access for inspection, metering and other necessary checks.

2. The applicant should be the owner of the property or an authorized person of the owner organisation.If the property is in the name of the Company, Trust, Co-operatives / partnership firms,then authorization shall be assigned to a person for correspondence, paper work, execution of arious agreements,etc.Such person must be authorized by the management of the organization.In case of partnership firms,the authorized signatory must be one of the partners, to whom written consent has been given by the other partners.

3. The suggestive format for authorization certificate can be downloaded from the website or from Consumer Information manual. This authorization certificate must be submitted to the Discom office at the time of submitting the interconnection agreement signed by the authorised person.

4. Registered application is not transferable.

5. Discom shall not be held responsible for any legal disputes between the applicant and Renewable Energy system installer arising out of the contract.

6. The proposed capacity of the Renewable Energy system shall be in-line with the provisions of the Madhya Pradesh Electricity Supply Code, 2013, for permitting consumer connections.